End User License Agreement


Please read this End User License Agreement (“Agreement”) carefully before installing or using the Track N Scan (“Software”) with integration to a Third Party Application (“Third Party”).


This Agreement describes the terms governing your use of the Track N Scan online services provided to you on this website, including content, updates and new releases. This Agreement is a legal agreement between you and MURHO PTE LTD (“MURHO”). By accepting electronically (for example, clicking "I Agree"), installing, accessing, or using the Software, you agree to these terms. If you do not agree to this Agreement, then you may not use the Software.

This Agreement supplements and modifies certain terms of the Third Party Terms (for example a Third Party Application integrated with MURHO’s Software via API), solely with respect to use of the Software.  Use of the API through the Software is governed by the Third Party Terms, and capitalized terms used but not defined in this Agreement have the meanings given to them in the Third Party Terms.  


The Software is protected by copyright, trade secret, and other intellectual property laws. You are only granted the right to use the Software and only for the purposes described by MURHO. MURHO reserves all other rights in the Software. Until termination of this Agreement and as long as you meet any applicable payment obligations, data limits, and otherwise comply with this Agreement, MURHO grants to you a personal, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right and license to use the Services.


The Software is licensed, not sold, to you for use under the terms of this Agreement. The Agreement also applies to any updates to the Software. You may use the Software only as expressly permitted in this Agreement. In doing so, you must comply with any technical limitations in the Software that only allow you to use it in certain ways.  


Data may be gathered periodically to facilitate the provision of Software updates, product support and other services to you (if any) related to the Software. MURHO will not use or disclose your data except to the extent necessary to perform its obligations or exercise its rights under this Agreement and the Third Party Terms, or as directed or otherwise permitted. By using the Software, you consent to such use by MURHO, and for other uses as follows: MURHO may (i) use the data processed by the Software to the extent necessary to provide the functionality for which the Software is provided; (ii) collect and use technical information and related data, including but not limited to information and data processed by your device, system, Software, and peripherals; and (iii) use the data to improve its products in a manner that does not personally identify you, or to provide services or technologies to you. By installing or enabling the Software for use with third party devices (e.g., mobile phones), you may direct the transmission of data from the Software to networks, systems and applications not owned or operated by MURHO.  Accordingly, you understand that the security, confidentiality and integrity of such data and access will be subject to the policies, practices and terms of the party or service to which the data is transmitted and not MURHO.


This Agreement is non‐transferable and limits you to use the Software only on computers that you own or control.  You may not license, sell, rent, lease, assign, distribute, transmit, host, outsource, disclose or otherwise commercially exploit the Software or make the Software available to any third party.  You may not copy, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, attempt to derive the source code of, modify, or create derivative works of the Software, any updates, or any part thereof (except as and only to the extent any foregoing restriction is prohibited by applicable law or to the extent as may be permitted by the licensing terms governing use of any open sourced components included with the Software).  Any attempt to do so is a violation of the rights of MURHO. You may not make more copies of the Software than specified in this Agreement or publish the Software for others to copy. If you breach these restrictions, you may be subject to prosecution and damages.


Access to the Software requires Internet access and you understand and accept the risk of accessing and transmitting information over the Internet. You are responsible for preventing unauthorized access or use of the Module as a result of your use of the Software.

You will manage your passwords and accept Software updates. You are responsible for securely managing your password(s) for the Software and Third Party Application(s). Please contact MURHO if you become aware of any unauthorized access to your account. 


MURHO will not be liable and held responsible for any damages relating to failures of telecommunications, network, electronic communications, security, loss or theft of data due to malware, viruses, spyware, loss of business, revenue, profits, or use of Software or hardware (e.g. barcode scanners and mobile computer devices purchased from an external party other than through MURHO and or through MURHO’s appointed hardware Partners) that does not meet MURHO’s system requirements.


MURHO reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Agreement or any service to which it connects, with or without notice. It is important that you review this Agreement whenever we modify it because your continued use of the Services indicates your agreement to the modifications.


MURHO may, in its sole discretion and without notice, terminate this Agreement or suspended usage of the Software, if we determine that the use of the Software violates this Agreement. Your rights under this Agreement will terminate automatically if you fail to comply with the terms of this Agreement. Termination of the Agreement will not entitle you to any refund, credit or compensation from MURHO.